Clients across the UAE

Client 1:- Process Case Study for the immigration company which helps people to migrate for Canada and European countries and assist them for the Jobs Opportunity in migrating countries.

Process: We do call the Applicants who are in Dubai/India/Bangladesh/Other Asian countries and help them to migrate to Canada and European Countries. We are assisting employers to find the right candidates for them to job and at another end we are assisting to the right candidates to get job and help them to migrate.

Delivery setup: We are working with team of 5 people and our team work on behalf of Canada office, we work during Canada time zone and we hire team from India and Mauritius who speak in native language of Canada.

We use preview mode dialing application to dial applicants and we record every call for quality and verification, we use International Dialer and keep our display numbers to show as calling countries and periodically keep change display number to skip SPAM mark so it helps to get maximum connectivity.

Feedback Loop: Quality Auditor listen the calls and feedback agents to improve and we keep periodically call calibration among clients team, process manager and team to discuss and evaluate the regular work and team members. This practice helps us to improve.

Challenges & Solutions:

Calls are not getting answer by customers: We were calling on their mobile and randomly check found our number marked as SPAM at display hence we start changing our display number daily and its help us to get our calls answer 80%.

Execution Result: Our work consistency and delivery made our client retain with us since 2 years +.

Client 2:- Process Case Study for the debt collection company that helps businesses to collect debt.

Process: This is a Dubai based project. In this project we call the finance company to outsource their debt reminder process to us to make calls. We provide them with a knowledgeable and polite staff of debt collection contact center operators while helping to streamline and optimize their current debt collection operations. Our skilled and trained agents then give calls to the persons whose debt is not paid timely to their respective companies.

Delivery set up: We are working with agents that call finance companies daily. We use preview dialer and channel to dial finance company of Dubai. It is useful for preview dialing prospects number and records every call for quality verification and feedback.

Feed-back loop: In order to generate more sales, process manager audit team calls and improve them to work.

Challenges & Solutions:

Customers are not answering our calls: This is our biggest problem when we call them, they are occupied. Sometimes they are being unavailable, not responding,, being busy and not being the appropriate person when we phoned.

We change calling number to display different number to customers to make them answer call, we dial to same customer at different time to being answer, we capture right party name before we make business call to them.

Execution results: We started to generate lead 15-20 in a month by one staff and later we make same staff to set 5/10 on table meeting from generated leads for client and we have 5 team members for Dubai and client is planning to start operation in UK market with another 5 agents.

Client 3:- Process Case Study for Dubai Real Estate Leading Firm to find customers who are interested to sale and rent their property

Process: In this process we provide outbound calling services to calls real estate agents to know whether they have any property for sale or rent.

Delivery set-up: We hired the agents that have wide experience in real estate market. We used advanced technologies and expert tools to call the property agents to tell them that they will have the largest exposure to the perfect potentials for buyers or tenants.

Challenge: holding customers on the right time to talk.

Execution Results: Our team helped in increasing the conversation rate to 67%, which is a record high. We helped them in decreasing costs of execution and infrastructure by more than 50%. They got a 65% boost in the bottom line.

Client 4:- Process Case Study for the hospitality company who helps people for wellness treatment for body and hair and teethe of Dubai people.

Process: we used to make outbound calling on the pre-generated lead via social media where customers show interest for the providing services and set their appointment with consultant.

Delivery set-up: We hired the English and Arabic agents for this service and send meeting address and time confirmation via whatsapp.

Challenge: 30/50% leads are not qualified or not interested for the offering service.

We start filtering not qualified leads and made change at lead generation form to get qualified customers lead and we change script to get good rapport for customers to being interested in followup.

Execution Results: We started 3/5 appointment to set for consultant and now we have achieved 5/10 appointment by each agent.